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STEM - resizing limits

Very recently, in a Harvard Business Review article, it was detailed and explained the activities that allow the wine industry to be successful in relation to understanding their customers. The key has always been education.

In this spectrum, different activities take place all along the value chain of wine from the vineyards to the shelf or table. These actions are undertaken by individuals who act on behalf of a portfolio of wines, and their roles range from importers, distributors and sales representatives, to the most effective and knowledgeable ones, the wineries themselves with their export manager, the brand ambassador, the owner, or even the winemaker.

Clearly, the effort and resources needed to achieve this are only entitled to medium and big size wineries.


Here is where Winemension kicks in, using over 10 years of international experience in wine and updated business management skills to create STEM,  a London based Short Term Export Manager shared by a handful number of small wineries for a limited period of time, allowing them to access the same tools that their heavyweight counterparts use to reach further, and put their wines face to face with key decision-makers and final consumers.

STEM Clients

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